• Anne Huang

Cold Weather Skincare

The unexpected snow in Whitehorse got me thinking about my winter skincare routine. Cold, dry air can leave skin irritated, sensitive and dehydrated. These are my top tips for healthy hydrated skin during the colder months.

Time to change up your skincare routine!

1. The air in northern Canada is super dry. The best way to retain moisture is via a humidifier especially overnight. Not only will the extra moisture in the air help your sinuses it will also feed your thirsty winter skin. If you don’t want to invest in a humidifier then you can place a bowl of water by your bed.

2. Hot showers can cause your skin to dry out. Yes, a lovely hot steaming shower is wonderful but, try a warm shower instead – it will keep more moisture in your skin.

3. A house that is too warm will increase the dryness too. Try to keep your home temperature anywhere between 18 – 21.5C.

4. Remember to wear sunscreen! Yes, even on overcast winter days.

5. Switch up your skincare products during the colder months to include more hydrating serums and leave the more drying and astringent products such as foaming cleansers and toners until the spring. I like to layer products over my skin – the correct way is to start with the thinnest product to the thickest. If you can, leave each layer to fully sink into the skin before applying the next one.

6. Don’t forget about your lips and remember to apply balm regularly as the skin in that area is thinner than other places.

7. Drink more fluids. As the air gets dryer remember to replenish hydration from within. You could up your fluid intake and/ or up your fresh fruit and veggie intake.

8. Lastly, don’t forget your hands! They’re probably one of the most hardworking and exposed part of our bodies that are exposed to the elements. Apply hand cream often and remember to massage cream onto your nails and cuticles.

Do you have any cold weather skincare tips to share? Leave a comment!


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