• Anne Huang

Extreme Cold Weather Skin Care

It's cold AF.

The Yukon was the coldest place on earth a few weeks ago - even colder than the Arctic! For someone like me who is used to the relatively balmy climes of the England, minus 36C was a bit of a shock to the system (however, I was away thankfully for the really cold snap of -54C).

In this extreme cold weather our body and skin try to adapt as best they can but there are some things we can do to help.

One of the purposes of skin is that it keeps moisture within our body, under the skin. However in extreme cold and dry air the moisture evaporates off the surface of the skin faster and easier than in warmer weather. This can lead to chapped, red, sensitive skin.

Here are some tips for when the mercury drops below -20C again.

1. Wash your face with tepid water - not hot, and shower / bathe with warm water. Hot water tends to dry the skin out very quickly and strips away the natural protective layer of oil, if you don't moisturize straight out of the shower, which can lead to cracked skin. Extreme dry skin can cause itchiness too, so if you do wash with hot water it's best to moisturize as soon as you're out of the shower / bath.

2. Use gentle cleansers on the skin and face that don't strip away natural oils from the skin.

3. Don't go outside with damp skin as water will freeze in the pores, leading to broken capillaries, sensitivity and redness.

4. Moisturize often especially if you work in a dry office, and use a thicker moisturizer for exposed areas such as face and hands. I like to layer my Supernatural Oil under a thicker moisturizer to give extra hydration.

5. Apply chap stick often to soothe cracked lips. You can also add a drop of Supernatural Oil to your lips before apply your regular chap stick for additional hydration.

6. If you have eczema or psoriasis you may find that the dry cold air can cause flairs. Using a humidifier at home might help alleviate the symptoms.


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