• Anne Huang

Rain Rain Go Away!

In the Yukon we've been getting rainy, humid, wet weather every weekend. Great for plants, not so great for skin!

During the seasonal transitions especially from winter to spring/ summer, our skin tends to feel heavier, oilier and stickier. The cause of this is because in warmer, wetter conditions our skin tends to hold onto oil, sweat, dirt and old skin cells.

What does that mean?

Well, it means the increased potential of bacteria, which means increased potential of spots and acne. Wet, humid weather makes the perfect breeding ground for fungus & bacteria. You may find that skin issues such as eczema are flared up due to a build up of bacteria on the skin.

What can I do?

  1. Use a heavier cleanser that removes oil, or if you have acne prone skin you could try an oil cleanser then a water based one

  2. Exfoliate more often than you would in winter, to remove dead skin build up ( please look at my previous blog posts which include my favourite products), using gentle acid exfoliates

  3. Use a lighter moisturiser that won't clog pores. You can try a gel moisturiser which feels cooling on the skin and will absorb nicely. I still like to use my oils because they sink in quickly and don't clog pores ( non comedogneic). You can also try a hyaluronic acid which tends to be very water and light

  4. Finish your cleansing routine with a splash of cold water to close the pores or, massage a cube of ice over your face. I do that every morning in spring/ summer to encourage shrinkage of the pores, which can help with keeping out dirt, grime and bacteria. If you want to try, the trick is to keep the ice cube moving in circular fast motions to keep your skin's capillaries from freezing

  5. Wash your face if you've been caught in the rain

  6. And of course, as always, use sunscreen. Just because it's rainy and cloudy doesn't mean you're out of harms way! I like to use a lighter cream for summer, specially formulated for the face. If you want to read up on sunscreens please head over to my previous blog post about that

  7. Finally, if you know me or have read my posts you know that I'm not a big fan of toners! However if you want to use a spritz during the day in the summer months to cool down and feel refreshed, I recommend Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. It doesn't contain alcohol and it has a number of essential oils that can help kill bacteria on the skin, such as Rosemary. A word of caution: I only use this when I'm not in the Yukon, as the strong scent tends to attract bugs...

My spring / summer / rainy season routine:


  1. wash face with water

  2. use one drop of my Sacha Inchi serum on damp skin

  3. massage an ice cube onto skin

  4. my gua sha massage routine ( I will post this soon!)

  5. apply sunscreen before going out (don't forget the neck and hands)


  1. wash face with coconut oil if wearing sunscreen / make up then wipe with Micellar water

  2. wash face with my Supernatural Oil if wearing no make up

  3. exfoliate x3 a week with an acid exfoliant

  4. apply vitamin C serum

  5. apply moisturiser

Thanks for reading!

Anne x


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