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Skin Mapping & Analysis - is it worth it?

I went for a Visia facial assessment this week at Whitehorse's Fahrenheit Hair salon. This was my first time getting something like this done and if you book in September it's $10 instead of the usual $50! Unable to resist a bargain, and new skincare technology I booked myself in.

On the day, the aesthetician gently cleansed my skin whilst I was mentally preparing myself to see my skin up close and personal - pores, sun damage, age spots, acne, bacteria and all. Yes, I was pretty nervous about my results not only because I care about my skin health, but I've been on quite harsh medication for 11 years and counting for an autoimmune disease, that causes the thinning of skin, leading to loss of elasticity, strength, increased weakness and sensitivity.

However, my results did surprise me.

The hi - tech looking Visia

What is it?

It's a machine by Visia, that on basic terms takes very detailed photos of your face from three different angles. The camera takes close up photos of your skin and then analyzes everything from skin texture, thickness, wrinkles, potential wrinkles, spots, red spots, browns spots, UV damage and more.

Mapping my face

How long does it take?

The photography is finished within 2 minutes. The computer takes a few minutes to analyse all the information once you input your personal details such as age and ethnicity. My consultation then took about 30 minutes as the aesthetician talked me through each category, what that meant and how I could improve on my skin health within that category.

This category shows sun / UV damage

Light green lines show superficial wrinkles. Dark green shows the onset of more deep set wrinkles


I was pleasantly surprised at my results. From the information below, the lower % are actually the things to work on and improve. As you can see I have to work on my pores and porphyrins (bacteria that can cause acne and spots), I could do better with UV/ brown spots by reapplying my SPF even more frequently. However my wrinkle category came in top at 96% (meaning, my wrinkle count is less than 96% of the general population), which was a very pleasant surprise.

Final report, sent to each client via email


I have to give kudos to Fahrenheit - I was not pressurized in any way to purchase expensive products. I was recommended to exfoliate even more than I do now, concentrating on the center of my face, the area around my eye socket and forehead. I did end up purchasing an organic Nelly De Vuyst Biotense Gommage ($52 from Fahrenheit Hair) to mix up my exfoliating regime. I now have a daily very gentle AHA lotion, a twice monthly peel, and now I will be using the Gommage twice - three times a week.

Final Thoughts

If you are curious about the health of your skin I would highly recommend booking yourself a session. After documenting my thoughts on social media, I did get a couple of comments about good genes, having Asian skin and being given expensive products whilst working in the fashion industry. As mentioned before, my skin is thinner and weaker than most due to my medication and I thoroughly believe that a healthy diet, great skincare routine and lots of sunscreen does more than anything. As I've mentioned before on my blog, healthy skin starts from within - sort your diet, your gut, your hydration and the rest will follow. Yes, as part of my job I have been given a few testers here and there that were on the more expensive side (we're talking Lancome not La Mer). As part of my personal skincare routine I have never spent more than £40 ($66) on a product and in fact, the Gommage is by far the most expensive part of my routine! I've learnt from my own experience and words of wisdom from friends and colleagues that expensive does not equal better.

If you're interested in my daily skincare routine have a look at the blog post I did a few months ago.


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