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Wine is a Mocker

Hanging from last night?

Recently, I went to my first ever BeerFest, in Haines, Alaska! It was so fun – perfect weather, the best company, beautiful scenery and free beer… You probably think I’m a total bore but I don’t really drink beer (not really my thing), and I can count the number of times I’ve had an alcoholic drink on one hand this year. I used to work in the fashion industry for ten years so I’ve had my fair share of alcohol and I found that I’d much rather have a really great glass of wine or scotch once in a while than get drunk on mediocre drinks (I’m not 21 anymore that’s for sure), although offer me an expertly made espresso martini and I’m yours.

Needless to say there were many hungover people the next day in Haines! Here are a few natural and more holistic things you can do to aid in your hangover. Remember, there is no magic cure – you just need to ride it out but these ideas should help you along!

Wine is a Mocker by Jan Steen, 1663


If you can remember try and have one glass of water for every one or two drinks you have. It will make the next morning much better. During a hangover don’t chug water although it might be tempting, the best way is to sip little and often.


You may have heard that coconut water contains electrolytes which are great if you’ve been dehydrated, peeing a lot, sweating and/ or vomiting! Plus drinking this instead of a sugary or caffeinated sports drink ensures you don’t get a sugar crash or become too wired to sleep.


This is fantastic for helping your liver after a booze session, especially refreshing if you drink it cold. Coffee is a diuretic so may make you more dehydrated. Stay away from that iced latte for now.


We all know that it’s great for nausea and upset stomachs. You don’t even have to eat it – buy a bottle of ginger essential oil and give it a sniff!


Protein is great for soaking up excess alcohol so opt for a big protein filled breakfast the day you’re drinking. The day after you might not be up for eating, but something carb heavy such a dry salted crackers, or toast with marmite can help with a wobbly stomach.

My green fizzy water recipe:

This really helps me feel like myself. If I’m dehydrated, tired or slightly hungover I always need something fizzy.

Slice cucumber, add to a glass of fizzy water. Add a bunch of mint and a good squeeze of lime. Give it a stir. If you can stomach it add a tiny pinch of Himalayan salt. You can use a flavoured fizzy water (no sugar or sweeteners), like La Croix or Bubly. Serve over ice.


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